Ten for Tuesday...on Wednesday.

Yeah. Seriously not in the mood to blog yesterday. I picked up "The Road" yesterday and could.not.put.it.down.

Odd book, but gripping, and I cannot even explain what I loved about it, or why I just couldn't stop. Read the whole book in about 20 hours, including sleeping, eating, and being mommy.

Anyway. Since I couldn't tear myself away, I missed not only my own Tuesday blog challenge, but I missed my sisters Monday blog challenge. So I'm going to do them both on Wednesday. It's just how I roll. ;)

This week my sister did her top ten favorite books. I intentionally didn't read her list, because I think it will be fun to see how many we both choose the same. Some times we are like freaky twins.

Here are my top ten in no particular order:

1. Outlander, Diana Gabaldon. I actually know this is in her list, because I saw it on facebook. I can't just choose one though, so far the series has 8 books and I just love them as a whole. I know some people can pick and choose which book was the favorite, etc. But after reading the series 3 times through, I still can't really do that. But Outlander just sucked me right in. So maybe it is the best, since it sells you on the story.

2. The Poisonwood Bible. Barbara Kingsolver. This is just an incredible story, written in many voices. Kingsolver just impresses me to no end the way she can write so distinctly and clearly for so many characters. All telling the same story from their own points of view.

3. Woman in the Mists, Farley Mowat. This is a biography of Diane Fossey that I read YEARS ago in highschool and I still recall her story clearly. Such an amazing woman, and a tragic ending of her life. I've had a soft spot for mountain gorillas ever since.

4. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. This book just haunts you. It sticks with me, and I often think of it with regard to our political climate in the US now. If you haven't read it, you really should take the time. It is worth every minute.

5. The Road. Cormac McCarthy. I just finished this, and yes. It made my favorites list. I have no idea how to even explain it. It was just very touching. Facinating. Different.

6. What Dreams May Come, Richard Matheson. I saw this movie first. It was ok. It was the odd movie with Robin Williams and heaven looked like some painting or something. I read the book. I fell in love. Other than a basic plot line the book was NOTHING at all like the movie, but I wouldn't say it was better or worse, because, IMO they were too different to really compare. The book is just outstanding though.

7. The Wheel of Time Series, Robert Jordan. Pretty much the same as how I feel about the Outlander Series. I enjoy it as a whole. Not one book more than another, though some of the books are a little slower moving than others. I've read this series 2 times through to book 10. Then once through to book 11. Still haven't read the most recent book 12.

8. Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen. This is another book I read in just one day. It was beautiful and touching. I don't even know where my copy wound up, because I just couldn't wait to share it with others.

9. The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin. I read this book in the 6th grade. I have loved it ever since. I read it every few years and enjoy it each time. The cast of characters in this story are so endearing, and lovely, and the fun twist is something I never grow tired of reading!

10. The Sword of Truth series, Terry Goodkind. I know I'm such a cheater. With all my series I'm up to about 35 actual books I think. Oh well. It can't be helped. This series is also now a fun television show that I enjoy watching too. :) Fantasy is just such a fun genre!


Teresa said...

I am right there with you on the Diana Gabaldon series--own it, love it, can't even count how many times I've read it. I'll have to give some of your others a try :)

Mary said...

I love The Poisonwood Bible. That book is amazing.

Katie said...

It is funny that we had...3?....the same! Pretty good number considering the hundreds of books we've both read LOL! And I think the other ones on yours I haven't read, maybe if I'd read them they would have made my list :)

Katie said...

Oh, except the Jordan and Goodkind series. I hate fantasy.