Superbowl commercials, my top five picks

Do you agree or disagree? What were your faves?

Okay, this Leno, Oprah, Letterman ad cracked me up. Nathan didn't get it, so he didn't think it was that funny. But since this is *MY* top five, it's ok. :)

Bwahahahaha! Awesome! (Plus you have to love a guy that can poke fun at himself.) I'm glad he didn't pull through and take the Vikings to the superbowl, because that would have been the end for my Saints, but still. He's a good guy! Not to mention a good sport!

A topic of conversation between Nathan and myself on Sundays has been the lack of respect for men on television. They are always portrayed as these bumbling idiots who can't go anywhere in life without a beautiful smart woman. It is obnoxious the man-hate that goes on. So this was refreshing. Thanks Dove.

Hehe! This just tickled my funny bone. And I kept looking at Shawn and tried not to giggle.

I missed the very first part of this commercial. The yellow one! So I didn't get it until the end. It's a whole new game! :)

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Marlene said...

Slug Bug! LOL!
I didn't watch the commercials - we just jumped back and forth to check on the game - lame I know, but we had the boys and they were more fun anyway! Now I have to go watch all the adds! But the five you picked were good ones!