The Choo Choo Restaurant,

 "In 1951, a young entrepreneur and his wife opened a diner in Des Plaines with the hopes that they could operate a successful business that would be an entertaining experience for all ages."
The choo choo history.

One of Shawn's co-workers told him about this place in Des Plaines, so we headed down today to surprise Evan.

It was insane. We had to wait for about 20 min. for seats at the bar. They have a few booths, but the food is served on a train if you sit at the bar. Evan really wanted to wait.

Luckily there is a 30 min. time limit and then you are asked to leave, so they keep things moving. Shawn and I agree, it was difficult to get too, we missed the parking lot, but it's surrounded by 1 way streets and no left turns, so it took some driving to get back to it. It is also *very* loud, and they play happy birthday to anyone who comes in for their birthday. It is played really loud and the waitress pulls a whistle after it plays. On top of each cupcake, there is a high pitched train whistle, and it seemed like every kid in the place had one and they all were blowing them constantly. But if you can get past that...the food was ok, and the experience was still good for the kids!

We agree it's a "We went there once!" kind of place. ;)

Kira thought it was boring and for little kids. 
Here comes our food! On a train!
Then it stops in front of you and they serve it too you right off the flat beds. ;)

I got Kira with bad expressions every time I snapped, this is the best of the worst. Sorry kiddo! But she perked up when she got her food, and said "Well at least the food is good! Can we come here again?"

 Do you see that rotary phone? Good grief. This place was caught in a time warp, and I don't mean it was "retro" I mean it was trapped. And it needed some TLC. 

If you read the story of how it started (in the link above) you would think they had such great potential...they were beating McDonald's! For petes sake. Oh, my little decorator/fixer upper self just saw so much potential in this place, but alas, they did not ask my opinion. It made me twitch though.

 Shawn reminded me that I'm not a food photographer. It was duly noted and ignored, and now you must suffer the sad consequences my dear readers. Sorry about that. He tried.

Next up: Dessert! How darling are those cupcakes! If only they were served with dog whistles.

Shawn came along to pay  er...I mean, eat with us, and good thing too. This place was a little on the pricey side, and only takes cash or checks! Can you believe it? Who takes checks these days? Places that are *trapped* in 1959, that's who. So poor Shawn had to go get cash. And not from the bank across the street, oh no, that would be too easy. They only serve their *own* customers. So he had to suck it up and pay $3 for the atm that was some urban hiking distance from the restaurant. Poor guy. Good sport though right? One of the many reasons I love him! 

Over all, I think we can all say it was fun but even Evan said "I think this is more for little kids". So we likely won't go back, but we would recommend it to others if they ever get the chance, to just go once. :) So you can say you did.


Marlene said...

oh wow! That looks like a blast! But I'll bet your ears were ringing after all the kiddos and the train whistles and everything! LOL - trapped in time! I'm surprised the rotary dial phone even works! I love the train on the counter! Wonder howmany folks got someone else's food because kids were eager to grab off the train?!? I'm glad you got to experience this. And that you shared it so my ears don't have to suffer! :)

elaine said...

That looks like fun for the kids but not so great for those of us sensitive to noise!

My parents had only rotary dial phones in their house until they moved about 8 or 9 years ago. Seriously. They had the wall mounted style (with a Mr. Yuck sticker on the side - remember those?) in the kitchen, and they also had a huge off-white chunky princess type phone in their bedroom. When I was in college, I dated a boy with a pager, but I couldn't page him from their house since they didn't even have touch-tone service.

I can't believe how grown up Kira is! She is a beautiful young lady.

Katie said...

How fun! Collin really wants to go there now. Thanks alot :)

Helena said...

I love the little train delivering food. How cool is that!