Snow day! (Not really, poor kids!)

But we still had fun playing in the snow yesterday afternoon and cannot wait to go sledding on Saturday!

We started out trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues for several minutes. Kira is good at this game, Evan is just goofy.

Then it was on to messing around. There was no rhyme or reason, just a whole lot of going crazy and burning off energy. That works for me! I tromped around for about 15 minutes, but after that my lack of snowpants was apparent by the numbness I was feeling in my legs. I have great boots but they stop just above the ankles. Should make sledding interesting for me. This picture is my feet on the already-been-shoveled-twice sidewalk. So you can imagine how deep it was beyond the sidewalk.


I also realized after taking this shot that my pants looked stupid and likely wouldn't keep snow from going up my pantleg, so I fixed it. 

I'm sure I will inundate you with a million more snow pictures in the near future so I will spare you too many at once. :) I bet we will have enough memories of this to last a lifetime in our warm desert home. ;)


Lisa said...

These photos are wonderful!

Marlene said...

Yep, enjoy and build up memories! Looked a bit like the snow was almost verticle on one shot of Evan... I remember verticle snow! ick
You got some great shots Heidi! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Collin was soooo excited to see that Evan was wearing his hat! :) Glad I'm not there!!!!

Heidi said...

@Lisa, thanks! I do so much better when I take my time. :)

@mom, Yeah. The wind is pretty crummy.

@katie, that's the only hat he will wear if he will wear one at all. You'd think he was a native to Chicago. He hates the "stuff" and just wants to go out in a coat. I think he is crazy! But the hat is so great!

Chris Durnan said...

Great pictures. Evan looks slightly in pain. We should be hitting Pinetop beginning of March. Dalen is prayingggg there is still snow so he can sled. :-) Thanks for sharing the pics.

Holly said...


wonderful pics! You really catch the moment!

Helena said...

That first pic is great!