I miss this snow.

The kind that is gone by noon. And the next day you can wear your flip flops again.

Instead I bought some snow pants today so I can join the kids and not freeze my a$$ off.

Flip flops and a pedicure sound so much nicer to me today than snowboots and wool socks.


Katie said...

Funny... I was just thinking how I can't wait for flip flops. And today it was 75. It won't be long now! ;)

Marlene said...

dang it - I can't see the pictures! I will check at home and see if it is something on this computer! I can see the video you posted and the pics from the parade but nothing on this post! hmmmmm

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

This is the kind of snow I like, beautiful one day and gone the next. LOL

Thanks for your nice compliments on my photos.


Marlene said...

ok, I can see the pic at home.... it's the one I figured you meant!