Ten for Tuesday

Jenn over at Finding Mrs. Nelson posted this on her blog, and I thought it was a lot of fun to read. If you are my friend and you have a blog, I challenge you (KATIE!) to do this! I think it would be lots of fun to read everyone else's Top Ten so if you participate, link us to your blog in the comments section so we can read. Part of the fun is reading and commenting on others blogs, so please join!

You can make a simple list, add pics, make it a theme, or random. Nothing complicated, just keep it fun!

My Ten for Tuesday:

1. My Kindle. This is something I love more than I ever thought possible. My "to read" list is impossible now. With the ability to send samples to my Kindle in mere seconds, I have created a monster list of books I want to read. There isn't enough time. Particularly if I want to parent, eat, write this blog. You get the idea. (And some days the only thing on that list that is remotely appealing is eating, but I digress)


2. Snow plows and the fact that I don't pay for it.

3. Aunt Valentine. I'm 33 years old and I still am really excited to get the mail this week! I cannot wait! (My Aunt Leora has been Aunt Valentine my entire life. A wonderfully fun photocard valentine comes every year and all the little people under 18 get a box of chocolates to go with it. It is the BEST!)

4. Sabra Hummus. I'm just loving this stuff. Thanks a lot Nathan. (He left a HUGE tub of this in my fridge, on purpose after the superbowl. I cannot.stay.out.of.it. 
5. Castle. As in Rick Castle. My pretend boyfriend. (AKA Nathan Fillion, or Mal from Firefly) Every week he comes on my tv and entertains me and lets me look at him for an hour. I rather enjoy Monday nights.


6. DVR. Seriously do not know how I got along without this. It takes me about 3 hours to get through a one hour show, but that is better than missing it altogether when mommy duty interrupts my viewing pleasure. (Particularly of Castle) Which besides the eye candy provides me with plenty of laughter, it is just so well written!

7. Loco. Shawn's cat. He is just a stereotypical P.I.T.A. cat, but since Tipper has passed he has been my buddy. He still yells at me and complains as much as he always has, but he's been kind to my heart. And it is nice to still get some kitty loves. Even if it is on his schedule and not mine.
I tried to take a picture, and you can see he is trying to pretend I don't exist. Then he got down and left the room. Session over.

8. My winter hat. We still haven't fixed the alternator in Shawn's car. So I have to walk to get Evan every day at the bus stop. Not really an issue, it's only about 200 yards, but that can feel like 200 miles when that icy bitter wind hits your face and ears. So I found a funky hat at Target with ear flaps. And I love it. And it is warm. Even if I do look goofy. (This is me trying to use the timer on my camera. I'm still blinded by the flash) Please don't laugh too hard.

9. Google Reader. This application just makes reading blogs, keeping track of the things I want to remember to look at again, and blogging itself more fun! Bookmarking blogs never worked for me, I kept forgetting. Adding the reader and then making iGoogle my homepage. Life is much more entertaining! I will do a Ten for Tuesday post of my faves sometime.

10. Seasons. I have really enjoyed having seasons for a year. Fall, changing leaves, cooler temps, Winter, snow, wind, ice. But the good stuff with that, like sledding, and cold cheeked kids wanting cocoa. It's been fun. I will be happy to go home to the desert, but I will miss the changing seasons here in Chicago!


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I did it!

And LOL At your hat! So funny, and the pictures is great :)

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