Gardening by the Inch

One of the things that costs us the most each week at the market is herbs. We love fresh herbs, and in Arizona we could at least have Rosemary for free out of someone's yard. But Basil and Rosemary cost an arm and a leg here.

So I bought a little tiny greenhouse. And I planted some *tiny* little seeds. And hopefully before long we will have enough basil for pesto and rosemary for roasted potatoes and chicken to get us through the rest of our time in Chicago.

Then when we get back I'm going to try my hand at some container gardening for the veggies we eat the most often. Like tomatoes for Shawn's spaghetti sauce. YUM!

All you do is add water.
Plant a couple of seeds in each little space.
Cover, keep warm and wait!

Grow little herbs, grow!


geek details said...

I just did the same thing! We're hoping to dig up part of the grass and plant some food instead. I have a big yard, why not use some of it to feed my family instead of trying to find fresh stuff that isn't overpriced!

Good luck on your herbs