I want to mix it up a bit with my blog, so I'm going to add this as my regular Friday post. Each Friday I would like to post about something new I've found out about what is going on in this countries food supply.

The reason?


That right there folks. This film has really impacted me and the way I am thinking about food. Now I know that one of the things I don't like is hearing "preaching" from someone with a cause. And I can respect if you don't want to read these posts. But rather than coming across as preachy, I hope to do nothing more than give some factual info, that is food for thought for the weekend. Because this is something that really matters to me.
It has been some time (years I believe) since I have found anything to really believe in. A passion. A feeling that I should *DO* something. I left my job at the group home feeling rather apathetic, and haven't really been able to shed those feelings since. I've become very skeptical, and very much a cynic. Both unflattering personality traits I fear. And so when I heard about this movie, and I watched it, a switch flipped for me. And I feel that it is THAT important. That I share it. That you know how I feel. And what I am trying to do within the confines of my home for my children. My husband. Myself. To make it right. To make it better. And I hope that at some point I will find that I have enough knowledge, ammo, if you will, to move forward and make REAL change in this country for this cause. Because I think it is what I should do.

I don't expect anyone else to change. Or to feel the same. Or to go out and buy cage free eggs even. (Though I would hope you would, because I think it matters for your health. For the health of animals and the environment and for the health of our economy) But because I need to change. So this is really for me.

A fact finding expedition. A journey to make these changes. And if anyone else feels compelled to change too, then that is only going to help the cause. I hope you find the facts interesting. I hope they compel you to do some research for yourself, to make your own choices that are the kind you can live with in your family setting. Thanks for reading. And I hope you learn something new each Friday.