Here is why I secretly don't mind the snow. :)

The truth is, I'm lazy. I would rather watch from my office window while someone is paid to remove the snow from my driveway. Let's be honest here. Raise your hand  if you wouldn't feel the same way! (Liar! Put your hand down.)

So anyway. While I sipped hot tea in my pajama's and slippers, these guys were hard at work. And I didn't even feel guilty. Not one second of guilt. And that is saying a lot, because I really struggle with letting others do for me what I am perfectly capable of doing myself.  But in this place, with that driveway, in this weather? I was good with it.


Marlene said...

Oh, I would SO have a second cup of tea! If I had had someone to move snow and let me stay home all warm and snuggly (and if kids and grands weren't in sunny AZ) I MIGHT have stayed in Idaho! Good for you for not feeling guilty!