Ready for Valentine's Parties!

So the kids had their Valentine Parties at school today, Evan only cared about the candy. Kira too.

Here they are this morning getting ready to head out.

I totally cheated and bought kits for their mailboxes. I just wasn't in the mood to track down wrapping paper/construction paper, stickers, glue, glitter, etc. If we were in Tucson I don't have to think about it or purchase it, it's just there on hand. Since we gifted Collin the giant cart-o-supplies though, things like this give me a better understanding of what my non-crafty friends feel like when they have to do stuff like this with their kids at home. It really is obnoxious. Sycamore just gives the kids a paper sack to decorate in class. I much prefer this method.

Anyway, so I grabbed the dog box at Michael's for Ev, it still involved a glue stick, but it was just right for his attention span for crafts. He just doesn't *DO* them. He gets little enjoyment out of paper and glue.

I would also like to comment on the hat. His hat was all wet from being wadded up in a ball and shoved in the corner after playing outside. So he took my hat. Then he lost my hat (the one without a name inside, interestingly enough, on the bus. Next time I will make him wear my funky hat with pink and purple. That will teach him! Ok. Sorry for the tangent. Where were we...Right! Kira...

Kira got this fun foam mailbox at Target, and it took more time and effort, still crafty enough to keep her entertained and contained just the right amount of "stuff" to not have much left over for me to "keep until she can make something out of it!" (and I roll my eyes because she won't ever get around to using it, she just is a pack rat, I think she is reincarnated from the depression era, she thinks she's gonna need everything "someday")

Ok, so with that out of the way you have to see her hair! Valentine's Day hair! I found a blog with tons of braiding ideas and we *had* to try this one out for the party today! What do you think? 

Fun right!? And I did this with a wicked cold that makes my head feel like it is going to explode. I will give my mommy self a little pat on the back now. :)  Sadly, it was a sagging mess by the time recess ended. But it looked pretty while it lasted! 


Chris Durnan said...

Super cute hair!!

And I do like the just decorate a bag. on the Back it said HELLO TOMORROW AVON. hahaa. love donations to the schools.

fun Fun.

I am sure you can't wait to have your craft stuff again!

Helena said...

I love the braids!

Marlene said...

Love love the hair Kira! Did you give mommy a hug for doing it? And the boxes are cute....but what happened to shoe boxes? Or the decorated lunch sacks! These are just going in the trash now, right?