A little Sundae for a Sunday Valentine's Day.

Every year I like to do a little something for my kids for Valentines Day. I set the table for breakfast and their little goody is sitting at their spot. Last year I altered little mailboxes and put a Valentine and some Hershey hugs and kisses inside.

This year I wanted something that would make a little less clutter. So I tried to make it consumable, plus the little dishes were something *I* loved as a kid. Mom would put icecream or pudding in them for us for a fancy dessert and I loved that. So now my kids have their own fancy dessert cups too! It will be fun to use them throughout the year.

I, however, am not this creative. I'm an idea thief. (Please don't confuse that with identity thief, two very different professions!)

I actually like hers better, but I couldn't find salt water taffy anywhere and after three stores I gave up and went with the chocolate. Where I got the idea


This one is for Evan, I used the red for him so it wasn't too "girly". 

And of course, Kira loves girly, so I went with pink and lace. :)

And how cute is the straw! A pixie stick! Too fun!


wholarmor said...

That's pretty freakin' cute!

Julee... said...

That is adorable! =)

**MIGNONNE** said...

Darling! I love it.