It's likely that I blog too much.

But anyone who knows me wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) be surprised, because I also talk a lot!

I have 36 posts for the month of February. Wow. That is really something considering it's the shortest month of the year.

At least in blog world, you can shut me up if you need too, just don't click.

So I'm back today because I wanted to post about Aunt Valentine around V-day, but I'm not sure what happened and now the month is almost gone.

I would link you to my Aunt Denise's blog, but it is private so I'll share some comments posted this year by our very own Aunt Valentine. Fun facts about Aunt Valentine and Cousin Valentine.

This year's picture:

"Okay, here are some facts for you.
Last year 56 boxes of chocolates, 128 valentines.

Coldest shoot....probably last year (car one) at 17 degrees and wind chill made it more like 1 million degrees below 0!!

Hardest one, when Mychaela was 1 year 9 months and WOULD NOT HOLD STILL!

Also, the one in Tucson with the snake and our hair ratted up...we could not fit in the car to get to where we took the pics. :)

People get chocolates until they get married. Then they get card only. When they have children they get the chocolate and it starts over again....

Saddest thing to me is when people tell me its the ONLY valentine they get..I think thats sad.

SIDE NOTE: We would love some new ideas if anyone has any for us. Its hard to come up with them each year.

I am so glad everyone enjoys this tradition.

With love, Aunt Valentine"

This is what my Aunt Denise wrote on her blog:

"Do you all have any idea what "AUNT VALENTINE" goes through to BE Aunt Valentine? After today...I got a teeny tiny peek at what it takes....(I got the awesome job of being their photographer!) First of all...she has to make new Valentine costumes EACH and every year for this occasion..just to give everyone a card! Then she schedules pictures...and that isn't easy let me tell you- especially NOW when she works a schedule around a very busy teenage daughter, AKA COUSIN VALENTINE! After getting the pictures taken she chooses one and then goes to get it developed. (Leora- in the 'comments' below, let us KNOW how MANY you have developed!!) Then she wraps the already purchased (because she has to buy so many she does this as soon as they come out in the stores)valentine boxes of candy for ALL younger (until age 18?) nieces,nephews,great nieces, great nephews and all 'adopted' neices and nephews of her very close friends and extended family. AS you all know, the cards ALONE are a work of art.... hours- ALL DAY in fact, putting them together and writing on them....and addressing, licking stamps....ETC ETC. Then she takes the whole lot to the post office!
OK...for those of you who do not KNOW "Aunt Valentine" she is my little sister! On Valentines Day I will post a picture of her and Mychaela, on this blog. Leora has done this since she was 16...18?? years old. Old enough to drive over and deliver her packages of Boxed Valentine Chocolates... I took a picture of her that first year...and when I find it I will post it BY VALENTINES DAY as well.
Leora~ "Thank you". Thank you for the memories that we ALL hold dear. THANK you for continuing this wonderful tradition of BEING Aunt Valentine to MY Grandchildren...your Great Nieces and Nephews- and the grandkids of all your siblings."

Here is what the valentine looked like this year. I wish I could take pictures of the others, but they are all back in storage in Tucson. Hopefully next year I can pull out past pictures and share our fun tradition with you.


Renee Lamb said...

I LOVE that y'all have this tradition! I especially love the Tucson picture with your hair and glasses and the whole setup is just fabulous!