I'm not sure how many of you are fans of the show Wipeout on ABC, but in this household it reigns supreme. Evan cannot get enough, and he often can convince Kira to play with him on his "courses". He is convinced that when he grows up he is going to work for that show and make the hardest courses ever. Like everything he does it is rather an obsession. He talks about it and plays "the game" constantly. I often kick him out because it usually involves running, jumping and loud "falling".

His favorite obstacle is the big Balls.

People run off that platform and try to bounce across these big balls. Rarely have I seen anyone make it. In fact, only one time that I can recall. Evan could probably tell you though, and who they are.

Then the second most talked about is the sweeper arm:

In this "game" they try to jump off their pedestal without getting hit by the big rotating arms with balls on them, crawl across the moving platform then stand in the center while everyone else tries the same thing. They can fall off or get knocked off as many times as it takes until all 6 spots are filled. It is a game for those who are gluttons for punishment.

Many of the obstacles involve falling into mud after being knocked down or slipping and falling while your body contorts itself into painful and goofy looking positions. Not something I think is worth $50K for, but apparently many people believe that it might be.

Here is one of the "Courses" Evan created in his bedroom that they were using yesterday. He makes courses for them and courses for his stuffed animals. Today involved a hot lava pit. Poor little stuffies!

The pillows are the "big balls". Kira is "wiping out" in the first shot and Evan "made it". ;)

So as you can imagine, it sounds something like this: "Thud, thud, thud, BOOM, thud, bang, BOOM, thud..." Then you hear "Stop playing that in the house, go outside" Followed by "MOoooooom! We can't take the pillows outside and then what would have for the big balls" and then you hear silence and then you hear "click, click, click" as I take a bunch of pictures for grandparents, because they can appreciate this stuff in a way no one else can.

The end.


Marlene said...

ROFL! That is too darned funny! And yep, you are right, grandparents love this kind of thing! That boy is nothing if not creative! Guess we can be thankful you don't have several of those big exercise balls! Those he COULD take out side, however!
Just be sure the 'thud thud thud boom' isn't happening in the vacinity of the bathroom! Or they could be downstairs rather quickly!

Katie said...

I would kick them out too! LOL Glad it's you and not me :)

wholarmor said...

LOL! Isn't that typical of us photo moms? We always take pictures of our kids doing mischievous things and wonder why they continue to do it? ;)

I'm always telling my kids to "go do that outside!" They also protest- as if the fresh air is going to melt their skin or something.