Feeling Crafty

So Evan is really into Halloween, he likes the spooky scary stuff. He thinks the cutsie stuff I like is ugly. Fine. His dad agrees so we will never be the cute little pumpkin house with smiling jack o'lanterns or happy little scarecrows. No, we will be the blood, guts and gore house, with skeletons, and zombies. Sometimes you have to choose a hill to die on and this isn't it for me. ;)

So since we didn't have room to bring any decorations for any of the holidays, and I'm just not interested in spending money on new when we have to toss them or give them away after one use, we decided (I decided) that making stuff would be fun.

So our first project was making spiders.

We started out with egg cartons, some paint, some pipe cleaners and a hole punch.

I let each kid decide how many they wanted to make, and then I made a bunch more. Evan wanted to do 3 and Kira did 4. Then Evan changed his mind half a dozen times or so. I'm not exactly sure how many he actually made.

He grew impatient with the painting and declared that his spiders were spotted and they were even more scary that way than if they were all black. Then he said "We have to wait for them to dry?" and when I said yes he said "I think we need to let them dry for a very long time". Something tells me crafting isn't his thing.

Kira was meticulous. My little crafty clone. :)

After the black paint dried it was time to add legs and then red paint to make them scary. I just stood by and enjoyed them doing it.

Adding legs:

Painting with red:

Here are the results! Warning, scary spider pic ahead. Well, all except for the clown spider. "He's not scary, he's just funny!" (Kira) (BTW, I have no idea which of these is the funny guy. Sorry)