More motivation:

So I promised more motivation in the cleaning deptartment. Lucky for you there is a never ending mess in my house for me to photograph!

Here is my office. It pretty much has looked like this since we moved in. It was the dumping ground and then when I'm in here I get online. Not very inspiring for scrapping either, so that is just tucked into boxes and sitting there.

So here is where I started:

and now? Ahhhh...much better! I'm feeling pretty inspired and am going to give my Motivated Mom's check sheets a whirl again, it should be easy now that the entire house is actually put together and this disaster is no longer hanging over my head!

I also did this today:

I'm sure everyone will be happy to play with me since I have no clue what I was doing. I haven't sat down and watched a football game in its entirety in 8 years. You just simply cannot have two parents not function for 3 hours because "the game is on!"

Kids really don't care. And so mom's get the raw end of the deal. Even mom's that knew more about football than their husbands did when they met. Even mom's who took stats all through highschool for the football team. Even mom's who watched their first superbowl at 5 months old...Yup. We have to change the diapers, cook the meals, and pay attention to the offspring, It just works out that way.

So that being said, I have no idea who is who. I knew Brett Favre. That is because he is older than dirt and was playing 8 years ago. Everyone else? I don't know. I only know Tony Romo is the QB for Dallas because he dated Jessica Simpson and they put that in People Magazine, and I used to read that all the time while I ignored my children at Papa and Noni's house on Sundays. ;)


Marlene said...

Very nice! Isn't it amazing how getting one big clutter done motivates you to do the rest? I have the closet in the guestroom organized with food storage and craft stuff moved into the armoire so NOW I'm motivated to get the book case organized and paint walls and and and and...... well the list can get out of control! But the one thing that has been bugging me since I moved in is done! And I even have closet doors! Yea to my Honey!

Katie said...

So which league did they finally let you join? Maybe you and Shawn could take turns. 1st half you deal with kids then 2nd half he deals with them? :)

Your desk was crazy LOL! But it looks good now!

Heidi said...

Katie, I'm telling you. You should try blogging about your mess. It is very motivating!

Somehow I doubt Shawn will be "taking turns", but luckily the kids are a little more self sufficient now and hopefully I can watch most of a game. ;)

I'm impressed about your closet mom! And it has doors too? Cool!