Shopping with the kids.

Not sure why I torture myself. Grocery shopping with my children has always been one of my parenting downfalls. It has been an issue since Evan was born. It is always a battle, someone acts up, I leave mad, things get forgotten, and I wind up with half a recipe cooked only to realize that *THAT* is what I missed while fighting with them in aisle 12.


Yesterday was no exception.

This was the only fun part of the whole trip.

You see that look in Kira's eye? It went downhill from there. I should have seen it coming. Oy.


Katie said...

I was hoping for a pic of the broken watermelon...

Sorry your kids suck sometimes. :(

wholarmor said...

Hehe. I only laugh because I don't take my kids shopping much anymore. It's so much easier to do it alone!

Some like it hot said...

I am a little behind but give the kids the list and let them help.