Fall fun!

So Kira and Rachel decided to rake up the leaves and jump in the pile this weekend. They were super cute about it, and worked really hard to make the pile large enough when it was nearly ready, the boys showed up. Of course. And then there were fits all around when they got told they needed to wait and let the girls have first jump. ;)

I know, I'm the meanest mommy around. What can I say?





Here is Evan having a turn with Kira:

Evan's super pouty in these pics because he is still mad at me for not letting him go first and "that's not fair!". I know, I know, he didn't do anything to help, he was playing in the basement the whole time, came out saw what the girls were doing and got all bent out of shape before they even had a chance to put in a word about it, poor, sad, entitled little boy. What kind of mother would say no to that sweet face. :) (Ok, you have to know I'm kidding!) I told him to stop being a brat or I would put the pics of him crying on the blog. He sort of got it together, so I won't post them.

And the best for last. Because how happy and gorgeous does she look in this pic? If I have ever seen a genuine look of pure joy it is in this shot.