What my boy does after school...

So while Kira and I are in the land of pretty, clean, ballet studios and sipping Latte's at Starbucks, Evan is, well, being a boy.

His latest obsession? Catching toads and frogs. And boy are there tons of them to catch!

The tools of the trade? The pooper scooper.

The darn things keep getting down in the window wells of the basement, so Evan saves them with the pooper scooper.Here he demonstrates how it is done:

Then he plays with them then he dumps them in the far parts of the yard so they won't go back down there.

You see that really big guy in the picture? He just wouldn't behave himself. He kept climbing out and hopping away. Evan was not impressed and gave me the job of watching over him while he saved "his babies for him" (Every time he would put a tiny frog in the pot he would say "There is your daddy, don't worry, he's right there!")

He kept having to "talk" to him about his antics.
First he would catch him, because my "watching him" consisted of me saying, "Um Evan, your toad is leaving again".

Then he would catch him and say "Moooom! You are supposed to keep him IN there!"
Followed by "You need to stay in the pot with your children, they need their daddy!"

I think Evan needs his daddy too. He needs his DADDY to babysit the toads. Mommy is over that job. ;)


Dawn said...

Aw. :-)

Love the daddy toad and his babies! You son is such a cutie. Tell him I'm very proud of him for reuniting all the baby toads with their Daddy!

tracey said...

your evan sounds like my evan. :)

Katie said...

Love the story, especially your sons view of the "daddy &baby toads".

Heather said...

What a cute story! I've never seen so many frogs at one time.

Helena said...

That is so cool! I know we have frogs around here (I can hear them at night) but it seems like I never see them.

Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Great looking blog! Now who doesn't like hunting for frogs? Ours are little guys so I don't mind getting them ;)

MaryMary86 said...

I LOVE this post (but I have three grandsons ....) What a cool kid!!