The long weekend...good times!

So last week I posted about my laundry. Remember this?:

Yeah. Well I ignored it for the most part. For the rest of the week, until Evan came to me on Saturday and said "I can't change my underwear because I don't have any more" That is a problem. Particularly when you consider he has an entire drawer of underwear. He must have 15 pair. I have no idea WHY he has a plethora of undies, but he does, and I'm using it to illustrate my point here. How much laundry must there be when your kid who has that many underpants runs out?

So I didn't get a picture, but that pile was about 2X's bigger than that first picture. Then we added all of the bedding including the quilt off our bed for good measure.

You can trust me when I tell you it was insane. I think we did 9 loads. On super.

But now we are feeling a little better about life!

So since I was up until midnight on Sunday washing the rest of the laundry, because in my genius brain I started our bedding at 9pm...I had some time on my hands. So I made this for breakfast. (Or in Shawn's and my case a midnight snack).

The kids polished it off for breakfast this morning. Damn it was good if I do say so myself!

Then on Monday we planned a party! Shala and Jason, their two girls and new little additon, Tory and Hope and their six kids and Nathan. Only as is often the case this time of year things didn't entirely go as planned. Heather, Hope and Tory's baby had a bad cold so she stayed home with mommy, and then Shala texted me around 11 because Ava started puking. We were pretty much ok with them not coming over at that point. ;) So we were down seven from the plan, but that's ok. Tory pulled through and still brought 5 of his girls! And Nathan and Samwise the dog came too. And we had a BLAST.

(Well, Evan was a little cranky about the lack of testosterone in the kid set, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the lack of estrogen in the adult set, but it worked out)

Hope and Tory have 6 kids. Daisy is ten, then Iris is 5, Violet is 4, Rosie is 3 and then Kena is 2. (Heather is the baby). Daisy was a little bored with the little kids, but was pretty much entertaining herself. There was a good amount of Barbies being played by the others.

I am not going to post Kena's pic on her because she is not legally adopted yet and I don't know the rules on that in Illinois, in AZ it is a big no-no. But she is just beautiful. Rosie I wanted to keep and eat her up all at once. She just charmed the socks right off of me. The girls were all wonderful, and sweet and well behaved. It was truly a pleasure!

Here are some of the kids playing with Nate on the play structure.


Turtle Taylor said...

I so need to follow your example and tackle the enormous pile of laundry I've got! Loving all the green around your playground - you don't get that in AZ!

Lara said...

Okay, so I love the idea of posting your messes to motivate you to clean them up!

I love your laundry room. And congrats on actually doing the laundry. I have quite a pile going myself right now. I guess I should get off the computer and actually do it...

Katie said...

I also like the idea of posting before and after pics....good motivator. Maybe I will suck it up and try it. If I get embarrassed then maybe I won't let it get so bad. Maybe.

Glad you had a good weekend though sorry you were down so many. But it's best Ava was puking BEFORE the party and not after....