Diet Downfall!

Shawn received a package today. He gets things from here and there on occasion so I put it in his office. (Well I sort of shuffled it in there with my foot...)

Anyway when he got home he wanted to know what it was. I told him I had no idea, it had his name on it. He said he didn't buy anything.

When we opened it, we found this:

What is that you say? Well as it turns out that is a box of brownies. Little pieces of chocolatey heaven. Stuart and Ana sent them (Shawn's Uncle and Aunt).

They aren't very big. So I felt certain that they must be very, very bad for me.
I am doing Weight Watchers again, and so I went ahead and calculated the points.

That says 6, if it's a little hard to read.

Six points in a little 2X3 in square of heaven.

That's not bad! wait. It is terrible! I only get 21 points per day. Luckily I *do* get extra points each week so I can enjoy treats now and then. I think one of those brownies is going to be how I spend them!

Don't they look wonderful!

Thanks Stuart and Ana! We love and miss you too!


Katie said...

mmmm....send them my way....I'm not doing WW! :)

Wingnut said...

Where I work, my office is not where our "main" group is. So, the VP of our department sends something out to us every year. Last year, she sent amazing brownies...similar to what your hubby got, but a different company. OMG they were so darn good. And I'm sure simply awful for us at the same time!