A little treat for Halloween.

I have a lovely neighbor across the street and Monday we are having a neighborhood play date so she could introduce us to everyone she knows with kids the same age as my own. She is just too sweet. So I decided to make her a little treat jar for the fun month of October!

Here is what I started out with: (This tube held my new booklight. I found it at staples it's called Wink, and it is without a doubt the.best.light.ever! If you are in the market, this thing is so cool!)

First I wrapped it in some fun spiderweb paper:

Then I added some scraps I had left over around the middle.:

Then I made a tag, decorated the top with a couple of buttons, some ribbon and more scraps and filled it up with chocolate! Voila'! Fun little hostess gift!:


Marlene said...

too cute! How did you cut out the letters? Or do you just happen to have a bunch of those laying around? I'll bet she loves it!

Wingnut said...

That is *sensational*! I'm so jealous!

**MIGNONNE** said...

That is simply adorable! Would it be wrong to buy a light just so I could make one?