"I'm not tired!"

Well Evan has always been a napper. He was born a good sleeper and still doesn't take it for granted. Most days he willingly puts himself down for a nap around 12:30-1pm. Some days he goes by himself, other days I remind him, but he usually just goes and gets about an hour nap in daily.

Yesterday he was in a weird mood. He told me that he wasn't tired, so I told him to just read a book and then rest. He kept coming in my office to "tell me something" and finally I told him he had five more min. and I would come get him.

I went to get him as promised and found this:

He slept for nearly two hours. ;)


Marlene said...

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh - yep, don't see a tired boy anywhere in this picture! Man, is he YOUR KID or what?

Heidi said...

Yup. I still have no idea why he had his head under his bed though. ;)

Marlene said...

well, duh, because it was too light in his room!

Katie said...

I wish Collin would nap without then staying up until 10 at night!