School starts tomorrow!

I love the first day of school. It was one of my FAVORITE things ever growing up. I have such fond memories of my new outfit and how it made me feel. My new back pack and pencils and crayons and glue. The way I felt climbing on the bus, walking into a new classroom, and thinking how it smelled weird.

I think the only thing I loved more than the first day of school was Christmas. Seriously. I'm a geek I know, but I was never sad to see summer go, just thrilled at what I had to look forward to in a new school year!

I had Mrs. Wiesenburg for first grade. I don't really have many memories of her or her classroom interestingly enough. I remember kindergarten clearly. I remember 3rd and 4th grade clearly, but 1st-2nd are something of a blur in my memory. What I do remember about 1st grade is my lunch box. I'm pretty sure this was the most fabulous lunch box ever. I really hated eating hot lunch. So my mom (what a trooper!) packed me lunch every day until 4th grade. But Strawberry Shortcake made me feel soooooooo cool that year.

And thanks to the internet, you can have a picture of anything you ever owned as a child!

Isn't that just cool? I never thanked you for that mom and dad, but I am now. Bet you never expected a thank you for a lunch box from 1981, but there you go!

So as I get ready to send my big second grader off tomorrow and take my baby to kinder, I just want to give a little shout out to all my teachers over the years, and to my parents for putting value on an education. For raising me to see that learning is fun, I still enjoy learning new things to this day, even if I no longer get to keep the pencils and crayons and shiny new folders for myself. ;)


Dawn said...

You're bringing back memories of my smurf lunch box from grade two. :-) Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

AlohaAroha said...

What a cute lunchbox! Funny, I don't ever remember the first day of school being anything exciting. Maybe it's because I didn't have such a fabulous lunchbox!

Dellas said...

yes I to remember my first day of school. I had to walk through 2 feet of snow up hill both ways. my lunch box was a bucket with a lid. :)

Heidi said...


Jennifer said...

I totally loved the first day of school, every year. The summers always felt just a little too long, so that when it came time to go back-to-school shopping at McWhorters (omg, the best kind of shopping ever!), I was thrilled! And of course, the novelty wore off after a week or so, but it was always fun to see who I had classes with, and who I'd get to (or end up having to) sit next to! (I had a purple Glo-worm lunchbox!)

Marlene said...

I remember YOUR first week of school - you loved it. The second week, you screamed and cried all the way to the bus stop cuz you didn't want to go again cuz they were going to have to do WORK and LEARN! Can you imagine? Good to know that you love to learn now. And just so you know, I didn't put daddy up to his comment. He came up with that alone!