Our new neighbors...The Hawk family.

I think it is a Hawk. Maybe it's a Falcon. I'm not sure I know the difference. I do know they drive me batty with their high pitched shrieking "call" or whatever.

I guess you couldn't really call me a "bird" person, unless they are cute little yellow and green parakeets. Those little guys I cannot get enough of!

So, these two big birds have moved into our trees somewhere. They yell at each other all day, and they yell at us and our dogs for having the audacity to go into the yard.

They also create large blops of nastiness on our brick patio out back. YUCK. Thankfully we've had so much rain the past 2 days it has been cleansed for now.

Today though, Mr.(Mrs.?) Hawk (Falcon?)decided to chill out on the play structure and waited patiently for me to run in slippers across wood floors twice up and down a flight of stairs and change out my lens so I could get a good shot. How accommodating!

So, without further ado, meet our new, albeit, noisy neighbor:


Some like it hot said...

That is a falcon. Very rare you are very lucky!!! :)

Some like it hot said...

Some like it hot is Lorraine

Heidi said...

Lucky? Did you read what I wrote. :)

They are cool to look at. But they are loud!