I changed my format again,

because I'm never satisfied, and now all my dates are gone and I'm not sure how to go back...AND I'm also posting in another window, because I have no idea how to post in the new format. This could be a problem.

If I disappear for awhile, no worries, I'm just working out the kinks of blogland!


Katie said...

I like this one...it's cute, but I miss the picture thing that Chris made!

Heidi said...

I know. I'm not sure how to add that back, or what. But I will use it next time I change it out and have a header. It also eliminated my side photo's, so the one of Shawn and I and my scrapbook pages are gone too. Booooooo!

Mom couldn't stand the other format, she said it was too busy, so maybe this will help her old eyes. ;)

Marlene said...

HEY! Watch it! I just didn't open it up all the way and then I didn't see the busy edges! You didn't have to change it for me. :) I do think this new one is cute but I miss the pics......... I see dates on little tags on the left..... but maybe that's just my 'old eyes'! Hmmm pretty mean talk for someone who still doesn't have her bday gift yet!

Heidi said...

I fixed the date thing, that's why you can see them mom. ;)

I didn't do it for you, i like it, and I'm easily swayed to change things. Chris sent this to me and said "This looks like you" and I put it up. ;)