The Accountable Kids far, so good.

So I brought this up a couple of times on facebook, but I wanted to tell a little bit about it here. This is a program that I am hoping will help Shawn and I incorporate all of our ideas about chores, and "allowance", etc. into one spot. It seems to have all of the elements we were looking for in one place.

Each kid has an accountability board. There are 5 pegs and each peg holds cards. The cards we are using right now are basic chores, things you do when you live in a family. Each day we have broken down into morning, afternoon and evening chores, and each time they complete the segment they earn a ticket. Each ticket is good for privileges in our home. In our case TV and Internet time. So essentially for now 45 min. can be earned each day.

The tickets are also used for discipline, in place of time outs.

There are also additional elements to the program that allow for working on a specific behaviour, special date time with mom and dad, and chores for cash. We haven't started those yet, because it is recommended you start off slow and add things in.

So far, so good. And I'm hoping that this really gets us back on track with the kids earning and saving their own money. Entitlement is unbecoming and unfortunately rearing it's ugly head in our home again.

So here are the boards, I didn't put much into them because I really wanted to get them up on the wall and put to good use. I think if we can really utilize the program when we take them down to move I will spruce them up a bit. For now, they serve their purpose.


Marlene said...

This is a very cool thing! Maybe when you get back here, time alone with grammy and/or pop would be something they would like to work towards - oh wait - they get that anyway! hehee But maybe we could come up with a special evening or something. Let us know!