It's what we do.

Target. You know.

So today while I was being super motivated I decided that being Old Mother Hubbard wasn't going to work out much longer. And since I'd already decided that going back to bed was out I showered, got dressed (in a SWEATER! It was 49*F here folks! What is that?) and then made up a list. I picked up Evan at the bus stop and we headed to the store. Since I want to make a sort of "life" journal out of my blog I have been taking my camera with me to strange places. Target, being an integral part of my life, was no exception. If you are wondering if people were looking at me funny, they were. No worries, I haven't been embarrassed since I was teen and had to go to the mall with my parents...

So the first person to look at me funny was this kid (so I took a picture):

Our conversation went something like this:

"Mommy?! What are you DOING?"
"Taking your picture"
"At Target? You are just going to take my picture at Target?"
"Yes, do you think that is silly?"
"Um...yes. Can I have Pizza here?"

So you know, the first round of weird looks and questioning wound up not being too painful, so I continued on. ;)

Doing our part to stop the spread of the flu:

Then a little lunch, or in my case diet Pepsi, I can't eat any more pizza. That is all they do in this city.

This is how I shop. I'm sure Lorraine is having a heart attack. I still put my purse in my cart. I won't learn until someone snatches it I'm guessing. Sorry Lor, I don't mean to frustrate you, it just comes naturally. Ask my mother. :) (Hi mom!)

Then I got busy and forgot I was taking pictures, so I looked funny while we shopped with a monster camera around my neck. It didn't help my headache at all. So after I did this damage:

I came home and ordered this:

Isn't that cute! I love Etsy, this is from knittybitties shop on

YAY me! Now I'll be fashionable next time I venture out to T's with my camera. (I really need to look into a little point and shoot for days like this don't you agree?)


Katie said...

Yay for Target! Though I'd have made fun of you for taking pics there too :)

Heidi said...

I just thought of something funny...I left my purse in my cart, but my camera stayed on my person the whole time. :P Poor Lorraine. She's been trying to teach me the Chicago way for all these years then I move here and *still* haven't learned.