Evan's first day...a bit of a let down.

So the new school does this thing with kinders. The parents and students get picked up later in the morning and ride the bus together, then we get off at the school, the teacher meets them like they normally would, and then they go to school for an hour and learn about the class then ride the bus home.

Only...the bus never came. So we waited impatiently for 25 min. then Shawn called the school and they had no idea what happened, so we drove over. By then we made it for the last 5 min. of the thing and so about 1/3 of the students were not sure what was happening along with their parents. Evan found his desk and cubby and met his teacher anyway, it just wasn't as planned, and then tomorrow is the real first day and he just rides the bus at the normal time with Kira.

We took him out to lunch at McDonalds to offset some of the disappointment of having to ride in Daddy's car. Then he went and got a hair cut and life is good again.

So he looked cute as a bug anyway, and I took pictures for you to see!

Walking to the bus stop. Reminded me of the Beatles cover. :)

Waiting "patiently" for the bus, while complaining "My legs hurt too much to just stand here!"

Here he is showing off his name tag, sitting at his new table.

And then here he is getting his private tour from Mrs. W! Should be a great year!


Marlene said...

Evan you look so grown up! Sorry things got messed up and you didn't get to ride the bus with Mommy and Daddy! Bet that wouldn't have happened if POP had been driving! HE would have come given you a ride! Oh well. Your teacher looks nice and I love your name tag! Wow, bet you are excited to get to ride the bus with Kira tomorrow! Get a good sleep tonight! We love you!

Lydia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, my oldest goes to kindergarden next year, I am excited but reluctant. Hope your little guy enjoys his first year of school!

Bek 'n' the boys said...

well, bummer. Hope that tomorrow is a better second "first" day. My guys LOVED kindergarten. Lots of fun things to do. It will be fun to ride the bus too!! Braden and Riley got to ride it in Connecticut, but here you have to pay 200+ per child to ride the bus... needless to say - I drive them to school. We are just a bit too far away to walk and 2 major intersections!!