Brie and Chris had the BEST idea!

I've been meaning to get photo's and share this for a week now, but I'm me. I'm lazy, I procrastinate, you know. Me.

So anyway, Brie came up with this awsome idea for the kids so they wouldn't be sad about moving so far away from everyone. They both have them on their bedside tables and just adore them! I do too. I look at them often. I miss everyone too!

I know that everyone involved didn't get to see the final product so I am posting pics.

Brie, you are just awsome! Thank you again!


Marlene said...

I agree, this was an awsome idea! Look at Brie getting all creative and everything! And Katie came up with the idea of us holding the balloons for an exclamation point! Are you totally surprised?! We all were! Pop and I got the giggles doing this. We felt silly but that was ok. And Brie emailed us all pictures of the finished product but we had to promise to not send it to you! Sneaky, aren't we? Love and miss you ALL so much!

Katie said...

It was a great idea and so much fun to do! I'm glad they like them so much. We were going to do it earlier but I talked Brie into waiting for Liam :)

Heidi said...

Evan said, "Is that the new baby". I said "Yes, that is Collin's brother, his name is Liam" he said "Oh.Look at Pop!"

His lack of interest in Liam is very strange.

Kira on the other hand...