I'm such a slacker.

So here are last weeks pics from the Chicago Childrens Museum! We enjoyed it, but I'm not exactly sure where the kids stand on the whole thing...they were a bit hit or miss.

The water table room was a huge hit for both. Rainjackets were required attire and it is because you get WET!

Evan spent almost all of his time building locks for the boats and letting them go then doing it over. Kira spent time learning about pumps and pulley's.

This is the kid entrance to the room.

Another popular spot wasn't popular at the first stop. The kids weren't interested in this room at all...but when daddy showed them what they were missing it was tough to pull them away. This was my favorite room there and I didn't want to stop playing either.

I even took a self portrait!

I have no idea how this works but the light objects fall down the screens until they hit your shadow. Your shadow diverts them and you can catch them too!

It was really, really fun!

Then there was the climbing thing. It was the mast of a ship and the kids could climb up this big tube then across a bridge made out of rope. It took forever to get through the line, so it wasn't mommy's favorite attraction. At.all. But the kids loved it and went twice. Evan was pretty brave, for those of you that don't know him, he has an intense fear of heights. He was a slow mover, but got across and went much quicker the second time through.

Next up is the flight lab you build/invent things that will fly out of foam shapes then crank them up really far until they fall then you time how long it takes them to fall back down. It is a good workout, and Kira and Shawn seemed to like it. Evan and I were a little bored.

So overall it was a good time, with plenty to do. I'm afraid our kids brains have turned to mush over the summer, they weren't very receptive to actually learning anything while we were there. So hopefully some knowledge was gained inadvertently through play!


Katie said...

How cute! Good for Evan for being so brave! You have to give him that, he may be terrified but he always tries!

I'm sure they learned more than you think :)

Marlene said...

Horray Evan! Good job. And it looked like Kira was being really loving and supportive. That's so nice. And I love all the fun things you got to try! I'm sure puzzled by that thing with your shadows and etc.....

nana mac said...

Wow Heidi! That looks like a really fun place to take the kids! i'd be taking them over and over and over again if I lived there! Good job EVAN!! Some kids have to be braver then others........
That shadow place is interesting....strange...and interesting! Good pics...and LOTS of em!! Now teach Katie to do that...hahahahaha!!

Heidi said...

Aunt Denise, Katie and her camera are a lost cause! :) When we move back home I'll take tons of pics of her kids too. Then you can see them grow!