The Dog Park!

Today we decided that after 3 days of solid rain, the kids and the dogs needed to get that crazy energy spent! They were so wired and hyper and I couldn't take the noise in our cold echoing house any longer. So Shawn found the coolest dog park ever. It is 30 acres. I cannot do it justice, so I'll just post pics. Everyone had a ball, the dogs are conked out downstairs and the kids seem a little more calm. ;)

When we first got there, this is what we saw:

Then we walked around the lake a bit to a huge open meadow area.

Some sights along the way:

Kira and Hallie walking along the path.

Here is the big meadow we came too. Lots of fetch was being played, Tasha and Hallie aren't interested in fetch, but they still went out to meet some new friends before we continued on the trail.

Kira and I were taking pictures of each other. She was taking forever so she got this shot first:

Lovely, I know. Don't I just look like the impatient mom here?
And another with my hand over my face:

Now we both were getting impatient and grumpy at each other, so I told her "Just one more and then I will take some of you instead". She agreed. This made her laugh and laugh, and then she wasn't too grumpy for her own little photo shoot. ;)

See how happy she is? Seriously I would be happy if I looked half this good in a picture of me. I wish I was photogenic! Maybe I wouldn't be so frustrating to photograph?

Evan of course was not interested, he let me get this shot:

Then we continued on and we met Max. Max loved Evan. Evan loved Max. Max loved tennis balls. Lots of other dogs had abandoned their tennis balls in the water, so Max collected them, and Evan and Kira threw them. He played and played. Our dogs were not interested in swimming, Tasha only got wet the one time when Shawn tricked her. Then she realized her mistake, swam back and stayed away. The first picture is Tasha freaking out and trying to get out of the water. After that is our buddy Max.