Pima County Fair

So last night was our annual family trip to the fair. Sadly Evan was sick, and Shawn stayed home with him, so they didn't join us, but everyone else was there, and it was a great time. :)

The D family joined us as well, and we met up early to take the big kids on as many rides as they could squeeze in.

D was not a fan of this ride at all, as you can see. ;)

Greg and Terry played games while we waited for the kids. 

I let Terry take a picture of us. This is what I get for handing over my camera. I look like a goober, but oh well. I made it into a picture, I guess that's what counts right? 

Terry had to go with Kira on a couple of rides because D wasn't up for it and Collin was too short still. 

(She kind of likes her uncle I think. :) )

Some one else was too short too, and none to pleased about it. Poor Della! She was too short for almost every single thing at the carnival.

Olivia is also too short, but not old enough to know that this is a concern. She was just happy to be out of her stroller. 

Here are some random shots of the kids for fun. 

 Olivia walking with Kira, apparently she refused to walk for her therapist earlier.

Olivia with all the prizes won by the big kids. 
 Miss Kira, looking pretty darn grown up for my tastes. Love this kid though!

Ok, more to come, but I have to study. I will try and get the rest of the pictures up by the end of the week. Feel free to nag. :)