April 2012

Kind of fun to look back a year ago and see how big everyone has grown, (luckily most of the adults stayed about the same...none of us wants to grow I don't think).

Katie and I also took the kids to UA and did some pictures around campus. Most of which turned out terrible, but I think that's to be expected when you photograph toddlers who would rather be doing just about anything but cooperate.

 Evan took off his glasses so I could see his eyes, he has transition lenses that turn dark in the sun, which is great except when you want a decent outdoor shot.

 Della was mostly unimpressed by me and my hair brained ideas for photos.
 Look at those adorable freckles on my girl. :)
 Grammy decorated this hat for Della, but she was not really interested in wearing it, and every shot was some state of her removing it or waving it around.
 One of my favorites of Collin and Liam.
 Easter dinner  babies without pretty dresses. Smart mommies huh?

 Miss Avery.
 The ever lovely GGB.

 Katie and my mom (and my elusive husband in the background there).

 Some decent shots of Katie's kids from the UA.


 April is also the Pima County Fair. We always go in a group, which gets a little chaotic and can be a challenge when looking for a place to sit or when only half the group wants to go on a ride or something, but we have a really good time in spite of all that.

 In the kids area they had these big blocks. Kira helped Della and Liam stack them up really high and then let them kick them over. They did this over and over again.
 Miss Olivia looking super cute.

 Kira, Della and Aunt Kimi.
 Della and her mama, Katie.

Miss Avery and a smile! :)
 This is what the guys like best. Find a table, then find food that no one should be eating, then eat a lot of it.
 We buy our ride tickets early, and then they are 10 rides for $10, that way the kids get lots of rides, but we don't have to pay so much.

 I also got the opportunity to see my friend Kelly. She and I met online on a pregnancy message board when I was pregnant with Kira. Her daughter Kyra was born one day after Kira. In 2005 a group of us went to Vegas together. Kelly is really the only one I stay in touch with regularly. It was really great to see her and to catch up.

Also in April, in Tucson, its like summer for everyone else. We start hitting the 90's on a regular basis and so we find ourselves in the pool.

Here is Olivia, floating around in style.


nana mac said...

As ALWAYS Heidi- I LOVE YOUR SHOTS! You are a natural at capturing interesting and heart-warming moments. Thank you for updating your BLOG because I am spending a relaxing time just enjoying ....
I may not get to be the Aunt that I would LIKE to be....but because of your talent I can at least enjoy your lives from afar. I love you all so much. Aunt Dee

Heidi said...

thanks. :)