May 2012

May is always a crazy busy month for us. Lots of birthdays, our anniversary, mothers day, end of the school year. It's also when everything colorful blooms in Arizona!

Saguaro blossoms


Kira participated in a group at Pantano Christian church last year called Gloree. They performed a play that supported Beads of Courage. This program is pretty amazing, and you can read more about it here, at their website.

 They did a fundraiser as well and this is when they presented the check to the organizer.
Here is Miss C and Kira, super close friends, posing before the show.

They are also in the same girl scout troop. And they went to camp in May for a weekend on Mt. Lemmon as well. They had a "Greek Goddess" theme and their goddess was Hestia. She was a sister to Zeus.

 While they were camping, we had dinner and riding with the D family.

Greg, who is a real cowboy, unlike Evan above. ;) 
 The rest of the D family.