Vacation 2013 Day one and two.

We decided pretty last minute to take the kids to San Diego for summer vacation. So first a big shout out to Jeff and Jen who let us crash there for an entire week, with less than two weeks notice that we would be doing that. They were unbelievably gracious and we owe them big time.

We decided to just go all out for the kids first trip out. We have been several times without them, and so we thought it was time to hit the "kid" stuff. We did a whirlwind trip, that included the Beach, the Midway Museum, sailing, the San Diego wild animal safari park, Sea world and Lego Land.

We (and by we, I mean Shawn and I) are exhausted, but the kids don't seem worse for the wear. They were already fighting like true siblings on summer vacation this morning. ;)

We arrived on Saturday and Sunday we just spent some time at the beach and some down time hanging out with Jeff and Jen, as they had to work all week. We headed out to Coronado Island for some fun in the sand and sun and lunch.

 The ocean was cold and Evan didn't last long in the water. Kira on the other hand was in the water for the better part of an hour. Brrr!
 Jeff, Jen and Evan soaking up some sun.
 A little sand under the mask...

 A lot of sand all over, a natural consequence of rolling in sand when wet, is that to get it off you have to get back in the water. He is smiling here because I had not told him the news yet.

 This picture makes me smile. So fun!
 Writing my name in the sand.
 Shawn enjoying the beach, even gave me a smile.

 After drying off, we headed to the Hotel Coronado for a very tasty (if rather pricey) lunch on the patio. It was a really good and relaxing way to start the week.

Monday we kicked it off and met up with Shawn's friend Ed, his friend Matt and a family friend of theirs Michael, at the USS Midway Museum.

The tour was a lot of fun, and our group was first and small so the kids got to do a lot of the hands on things there were to do without much competition from others in the group. 

Evan told me that admins are very serious. 

Kira in the control tower. 
Evan preparing to steer the Midway. 
 I'm fascinated by communication methods, I think there are so many cool ways that we as humans have figured out how to talk to one another in so many different situations. I love this method.

 Also thought this survival kit was cool. I cannot imagine having to live with just these few supplies, but to think it can be done is crazy. I hope I never have to know.

 Checking out navigation.

 A good place for a 9 year old boy.
 Demonstrating the small space the enlisted get on a ship.

 In the cockpit of the plane that is behind Evan and Shawn in the pic above.

 This is, of course, the part of the ship Kira waited for all day. Sick bay. This girls fascination with medicine never ceases to amaze me. If she doesn't become some kind of health care worker in the future I will be *shocked*.
 Posing outside of the operating room.

 She wants this book case. It was loaded up with medical books and she thought that was amazing. The holy grail for a kid like her.

 After the tours and lunch on the Midway we set off to go sailing. Ed treated us, and it was so much fun. None of us has ever been sailing before. So it was a good thing he brought Matt and Michael along to help out. :)

 The rest of the crew. Ed was quick to put Shawn to work. I just spent my time on the boat relaxing and taking pictures.

Getting ready to set sail! (I know, a little out of order but hey, it's hard to organize so many pictures!)

 I liked our boat's name!
 Evan got to try his hand at sailing a couple of times. This is Matt helping him see where he is going.
 Kira loved it at first. Then she got sea sick. :( Most of the trip was a little rough for her. She finally moved back by Captain Ed and got her sea legs and enjoyed the end of the trip. But for most of the four hours she was down for the count.
 So a good beginning:

 Evan a little *too* relaxed about being on a boat. I made him sit down. He was irritated by this.
This is better no?  But here Kira starts feeling a little "off".  
 After that she just laid down and barely moved.

 Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do puke. So Shawn spent most of his time hanging out with Kira and making sure she didn't need anything. She's a lucky girl to have such an amazing dad. By the end of the voyage she was feeling better, and Captain Ed let her steer to take her mind off her tummy troubles.
 She loved it, if that isn't obvious.

 Everyone took a turn steering, but me. I never seemed to be around at the right moment. But that's ok. I prefer taking the pictures anyway.

While Kira was down, Evan and I spent a ton of time talking and hanging out. It was really nice. He told me all kinds of things, and it was pretty awesome to have some quiet one on one time with him. We sailed for four hours so it was a lot of chit chatting, and one of my most treasured times on this trip.

Here are a few random shots of the day. It was wonderful and I can't thank Ed enough for inviting us along.

 The floating naval hospital ship. Very fun to see.

After sailing we were really hungry, so we stopped at a place called Sammy's woodfired pizza. It was amazing. Kira just ate bread, but the rest of us got different pizza's and then traded slices. My favorite turned out to be the goat cheese and honey. I was put off by it too, but decided it wouldn't kill me to try something new. It was fantastic. I've been wishing I had a whole one to myself ever since. Who knew? Apparently Ed likes weird foods and to try new things, so he ordered it, and I am so glad!
Kira also played with my phone, she got a cool panorama of our table. Matt's head is a little skewed because he moved. But it still turned out pretty neat. The next picture Matt looks normal.
From left around the table is me, Shawn, Evan, Michael, Ed, Matt.

 Matt and the rest of the diners.
My yummy goat cheese and honey pizza! 


Marlene said...

What? Kira didn't make you go on board the Hospital Ship?!?! Bet she wanted to! Great pics and so much fun!

Heidi said...

Kira barely saw the ship, she did ask me to take the picture. She was miserable. :(