Mariachi Inspriacion de Tucson Benefit Dinner

The kids play in a mariachi band, and it is a new, young group, but mariachi is expensive, so the kids are doing fundraising to help offset the costs. We had a benefit dinner last night, and it was so nice for picture reasons, because it was *our* event. Normally the kids are playing at someone elses event and so sneaking up to the front with my camera would not be appropriate. I also snagged them after and made them smile.

The benefit went really well, and lots of family was able to come support them. I tried to grab pictures with people, but missed my mom, Katie, Terry and Collin, and Chris, Brie and Avery. Kim and Jason made it and so did Lawson and Phoebe. We had a great time, with fantastic entertainment, by Inspiracion, as well as two other groups and a folklorico group who danced for us. Dinner was amazing Mexican food as well. Shawn worked the drink booth all evening, which was really nice, because I was able to just focus on the kids and our guests.

Here is several of the kids in the group and other groups that played.

Rare shot of Evan actually performing, he even smiled for me. He is pretty elusive normally, he's not very tall and guitars stay behind the violinists. 

 Kira sings too! (And in apparently flawless Spanish, without an accent, as I was told twice yesterday by Spanish speakers. Wow!)

With Papa and Nonie. 

On violin. 
 Fun angle of all of them.
 With Uncle Jason and Aunt Kimi.