Riding horses with friends and family!

The D family had all of my family over for dinner, horse back riding, and s'mores on Friday. It was a great time!

I took a million pics, but somehow my own children, the little D, and Della all managed to stay away from my camera.

But here are the rest of us having a good time! Sorry for the grain, the sun was going down, so the ISO is high. But I'm trying to keep in mind that it's that we have pictures that matters not that they are perfect!

Here is Collin, Katie's oldest.

My dad. :)

Jason didn't ride, but he and Olivia with her sticking up pony tail hair make me smile so I took their picture. 

This horse is so stubborn. He is not impressed with people who have no idea what they are doing.
He was really giving Katie a hard time. I thought this picture was hilarious. 
Standing there ignoring Kim and what she wants to do.

My favorite pic of the night. Liam is so adorable in this picture! He had such a good time. 
 He was Ms. Chris's helper he told me "I got this". 

  Olivia showing me her owl shirt.
 Olivia went riding with me. I'm on the stubborn horse, so for saftey sake we had Grammy lead us around the arena.

 Her hair cracks me up. And I don't know why she doesn't look as happy as me? 

 Mom said she hasn't been on a horse since was about 13, but apparently the horse decided she qualified as someone who knew what they were doing, because he went for her.

 Sitting all by her self with help from Uncle Terry.

 Terry *does* know what he is doing and the horse went just fine for him. Damn horse. He just wanted to make us all look bad.
Terry and Greg rode for awhile and had a good time out there with cooperative horses. ;) 

Thanks for the great night D family! It was a blast!


nana mac said...

LOL!! So, the horse only works for Terry Then? That is so not fair!! Your Mom looks totally fabulous on the back of the horse! I think she was a tad older the last time she rode a horse though, because remember the black horse Daddy got after Yankee died Sis? That was when I was about 14 I think...Dan was my 'man' when we had that horse..... At any rate- it has been a lonnnnnng time since you rode a horsey for sure! Looks like a really FUN day FOR ALL!!

Marlene said...

I was 13 and at girls camp when he got impailed on the boat trailer... you would have been with me at girls camp if you had been 14 when it happened. right? I don't know for absolute sure but it was a looonnnnggg time ago! And Terry grew up with horses and his mom has horses still...so he was the 'expert' of the family. It sure felt good, though, I will admit, to be on that horse! He was a lot bigger than Yankee, though! And I don't know anything about a black horse?!?

Chris Durnan said...

Awesome time thanks for coming over. They are up for riding anytime folks want. We are working that paint horse. he was even a little less stubborn tonight. all in all a wonderful evening and Marlene looked right at home on that horse to. Liam was awesome help. always Happy Baby for me. :) hugsssss