June 2012

Wow! I'm so proud of myself, look at me, halfway through last year in my game of catch up! :)

The neighbors asked us to keep their kids for a weekend in exchange for the pool. It was fun. My kids think I'm so lame because we don't have a pool by design. (We had one in our first house, and it was a total pain in the butt.)

 This lizard lives at our house. He has lived here for several years, this is last year of course, but I just saw him today when I got home from class. He just lays in the driveway and prays to the sun god. 

I cut my hair really short. I liked it for awhile for styling reasons, but it got old really fast. Some days I just need a pony tail. So it's been about 10 months and it's just barely long enough for that now. I need to remind myself of this next time I get a wild hair. (ha. I'm so punny).

We apparently are suckers for keeping other peoples kids while they go off and do exotic and fun things that probably involve cute alcoholic beverages with tiny umbrellas. (This is the problem with waiting so long to blog, I can't recall why my sister or the neighbors ditched me with their kids now).
But they did.
Here is Della being really cute. This is at her house though, so I'm not even sure when this was. 
 Kira just looking for some quiet in her room.

 We went for several walks, because a house of little people can get very loud.

 Liam and Della watching an airplane.

Kira, who is smart, rode ahead on her bike. 

But she was a huge help the entire time. Della needed breathing treatments and Kira was always ready to sit there with her. Dr. Kira to the rescue. 

She also entertained them in the back yard with a sprinkler. She's a good one. I'll keep her. 

We also went camping. It was rather short lived, and the guys came up late, it rained, I don't know. We shared tents with all the boys in one with Papa, and all the girls in one with moms and grammy, but the babies (Della and Olivia) were crying or sick? Or both? Or lord knows, and I know at one point I moved myself into the back of my van. Which was miserable but quiet. Then we packed up in the rain and came home.

But it was good while it was day time on the first day. ;)

 Grammy's turn to cook. Kira and Liam helping out. The boys found an already built fort down the hill behind camp, and so the kids spent a good chunk of time down there. Liam had a hard time not being a big kid and just being free to go down there, and Kira tried to hang with him to keep him happy.

Being awake all night and keeping everyone up is exhausting, so Olivia slept in. 

I think these pics are from May actually, since they are from when school was in session. Evan was in FIRST Lego Robotics club for 2 years, and he was in it with his buddy D. They enjoyed it, but both moved onto chess this year. D's mom Chris took these for me. She often volunteered with the group, I could never make it due to my class schedule. 

So that's June. :)