Easter 2013

This is hard for me, because I think part of my hang up with getting my blog done is that I want to edit *all* of my shots. This isn't very practical. So I have to learn to let some things go. Perfectionism is in my blood, but I have to remind myself that the kids would rather have a fun blog and some "meh" looking pics than no blog at all, which is what happens when I chase my perfectionism down the rabbit hole.

Easter around here is always a good time. Lawson and Phoebe host a huge egg hunt. Everyone brings filled plastic eggs (we try to avoid chocolate because it almost always melts in the heat...it was in the mid-80s here Sunday). This year there were 125 eggs, and only 6 kids to hunt them. The kids made out. From candy, to stickers, to cash. It was a good day for them.

We also had a nice lunch, cold cuts, cheese, rolls, salad and veggies. And we Kim made super cute Easter cupcakes but I forgot to take a picture of them.

Here are some fun shots of the festivities and the kids in their finery. (There was not a cooperative one in the bunch though, no one wanted their picture taken alone, collectively or otherwise, so I just took candid shots and got a few 'Hey, you! Look at me" shots. Liam was especially not impressed with this tactic. He told me that I already "took a picture and to stop it NOW! You only can have ONE!" Three year olds are so sweet.

 Evan and Collin were racing around, in spite of the fact that the big kids (just 3 of them) had the entire front yard to themselves for about 15 mins.
 My adorable niece Olivia and her pretty mama Kim.
 So when everyone else had found their allotted number of eggs, Evan had found 11. He misunderstood and thought that you could only find what you could find, so he passed up all the easy eggs that were placed out in the open, so that the babies would be able to find them. Such a good heart. After we told him that he could find any eggs, he let Liam (who was already done) "help" him. They went all around and Liam was so proud of how he "helped" Evan find all the eggs that he had missed.
 Avery refuses to look at the camera if she can help it at all. But catch her when it's past her nap time and you are just SOL. But I do have some pretty cute nieces.

When you have a 9 year old boy, you take what you can get. :) I think that this age of boy might be harder to capture than toddlers. 

In the middle of the egg hunt, Phoebe came out and got Terry to help her. There was a lizard in her bedroom. This was not at all what anyone expected he would find! This guy is huge. But no longer lives under Lawson and Phoebe's bed. 

 The messy aftermath of sorting through to see what they found.

I have a few more pics on my other camera, but I have not downloaded them yet. I will edit the post later today and get them on here. So be sure to check back later if you want to see more of the little guys.


Marlene said...

Candid shots are good shots! Too bad you missed getting one of Kira sucking melted chocolate out foil wrappers! I have such cute grandkids that it is nearly impossible to NOT get cute shots!

Unknown said...

Actually, there were 175 eggs.

Heidi said...

Wow! I guess I miscounted "unknown". :P how do I know you were actually there?

nana mac said...

LOL!! UNKNOWN....hmmm...a spook? Anyway, I agree with your Mom- Candid shots are the best when it comes to activities like these- I loved looking at them. I am so surprised at how MUCH the kids have grown! My GOSH!! KIRA!! She is looking like a young lady now, not at ALL like a little girl. The boys are so cute- and Heidi..teenage boys are even HARDER to catch in a shot, so get used to grab shots. It's the only way! It's wonderful that you could all have that Ester egg hunt together like that. What fantastic memories. I am so GLAD that your Mom and Dad are able to always be in the mix. I just had the loneliest Easter of my life....so it makes it extra wonderful to see that YOUR Mama never has to feel like that now. Again- keep up the good work PLEASE? It makes me feel happy to 'see' what's going on in all of your lives...