Slacklining at the park and a couple other random pics from the past couple of weeks.

Today Katie and I met with the kids at the park and we had a picnic and went slack lining. We attracted random kids as well, and lots of interest from people walking by. It's a lot of fun.

Kira showing Della her skills.

 Della wanted to sit and bounce so Kira would so it with her.

She walked on it like a balance beam, and then made Katie hold her and bounce. But I had already put my camera away. Poor Katie. That takes some talent! She deserved evidence!
 Collin getting ready to bounce.
 Katie noted that the directions said to not put the slack line over dirt, or packed grass. We wondered if they were just illegal to use in Tucson then, since that's all we have *anywhere*. We just will take our chances I guess.
We were near the pond as well, so the kids were throwing leaves into the stream that feeds into the pond and then catching them as they floated under the bridge. This entertained them for a long time too, and also attracted other random children. We were just full of fun ideas today. :)

Collin in the green, random other child, Liam in the red.

 Della had a hard time getting the leaves in the water, they kept going to the side and landing next to her.

Kira played on the slack line alone for a bit before joining the kids, but she eventually got into it. She also managed to lose a shoe in the pond and we had to wait for a while until the ducks made enough "waves" to push the shoe to the shore line. We had a picnic lunch, Katie brought cookies and was the mom of the day for it. We are going to try and go another time with more adults to help watch kids so we can play on the slack line more. We both did it a couple of times, but kids and water require too much attention.