We've been busy.

But I've also been wrapping up the semester, which is always a crazy time for anyone who has been in school. Projects, papers, exams all due in crammed together.

The weekend was full of family time. Kim and Jason are LDS and on Sunday they had Olivia blessed. My mom made the dress, and I'll be getting more pics of her in it soon. But after church everyone just wanted to eat lunch.

I'm not sure why I didn't have someone else take this and put Kira and I into the shot, but too late now I guess. I didn't even realize it until I uploaded pics.
 Jason's family and extended family were there as well.

They had a really nice luncheon, and it was really nice to meet some of Jason's family. They don't live in Tucson, so we don't have the opportunity often.


nana mac said...

What a neat day....and Heidi~ I feel your frustration!! I never seemed to remember to have someone include ME in pictures.....I have no magical way of remembering NOW so if YOu think of a way to make yourself THINK about it at the RIGHT time (and not after the fact) let me know..... CONGRATS to Olivia on your Blessing sweetie!! oxox