Coke tasting!

This probably seems silly, but we had so much fun with this and it was sooooo cheap! Only $7 and it was a blast.

At the Coke store on the strip you can buy two trays of soda from around the world. Then you have a little tasting. We did it and took notes for the blog!

So you get two trays with eight different sodas on them.

Tray One: Peru, Mauritius (interesting side note, for several years when I was a pre-teen, I had a pen pal named Henri who lived in Mauritius, a small island off the coast of East Africa), Tanzania, Estonia, Japan, Zimbabwe, China, and England. 

Tray Two: Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, South Africa, Djibouti, China, Italy (We HATE YOU ITALY! But we'll get to that later), and Germany.

Then we tasted them. Here are some really terrible pictures of us taste testing.

So here is the breakdown and our thoughts. We used a four star rating system.
Tray 1:
  1. Inca Cola, Peru ***
  2. Sunfill Blackcurrant, Mauritius **
  3.  Stoney Tangawizi, Tanzania Zero stars. It was spicy with a gingery? flavor. No one liked it. 
  4. Fanta Magic, Estonia **
  5. Vegitabeta, Japan * (this wasn't carbonated, it was sort of syrupy like soda here when the CO2 tank is empty). 
  6. Sparlette Sparberry, Zimbabwe * not really a flavor? We were just confused by this one. 
  7. Smart Watermelon, China **1/2 Kim and Katie liked this ok, I thought it was gross. 
  8. Kinely Lemon, Englad *** I was not happy about "lemon" but it was surprisingly good, and we would probably drink it if Mexico wasn't nearby. 

Tray 2:
  1.  Manzanit, Mexico. **** The thing about this, is for us in Tucson, this is local and you can buy it at any grocery store, and in some restaurants, particularly on the south side of town you can buy it in a glass bottle. It is delish. We all love it already. It was a legit win, and a saving grace when we got around to Italy. 
  2. Fanta Kolita, Costa Rica. Boo! We hated this. 
  3. Bibo Kiwi Mango, South Africa ** this flavor was ok, but like Japan, it's not carbonated and was sort of syrupy and sweet.
  4. Bibo Pinenut, South Africa ***1/2, this was closest any other soda came to Mexico, it was not carbonated either but we all really liked the sweet flavor. We think that Pinenut in South Africa is Pineapple to us. 
  5. Sunfill Mint, Djibouti ** this was like a sweet mint tea. 
  6. Smart Apple, China *** this was similar in taste to a green jolly rancher candy, much stronger flavor than the apple flavor in Manzanita, but still really good. 
  7. Beverly, Italy We hate you. You were so nasty that I wasn't about to put it in my mouth. Kim was gagging and looking around in desperation for a place to spit it out, while Katie took a drink (she is not very bright, I'm sorry to say) and then she reacted the same way. They both declared it nasty, and gave it the unfavorable moniker "Death in a cup". 
  8. Mezzo Mix, Germany * yuck. But after Italy, anything deserves at least one star. 

 Kim liked this one. I can't remember what it is.
 This is the watermelon

 I think I'm holding the one from England.

 Death in a cup. Kim had recovered enough to smile, but Katie was still considering just dying.

Don't let it fool you, Beverly might look like Sprite, but she is out to get you.