Yellow Pillow.

Even at six and a half, Evan needs his yellow pillow.

Yellow Pillow is referred to as "him".
Yellow Pillow has to be washed when a nap or bedtime is not in the near future.
Yellow Pillow is worn so thin I worry he will tear and stuffing will fall out.
Yellow Pillow is Evan's security "blanket".
Yellow Pillow had a twin that was lost at Disneyland.

Evan thinks nothing of lugging that silly pillow around everywhere we go. But we try to make it stay in his bedroom. What would we do if we lost yellow pillow? This mama tries to not even go there in her head.


Wingnut said...

My boy is 12 and still has to have Pooh-bee at bedtime. It's funny you posted about your guy and his Yellow Pillow today. I posted a video about my guy talking about his favorite toy: Pooh-bee

Helena said...

Yellow pillow looks very comfy!