Evan lost his first tooth!

In Albuquerque, New Mexico!
It was a crazy wiggly thing for a couple of weeks, sideways in his mouth. But he didn't seem concerned about it at all.

He got an apple at breakfast in the hotel and made it bleed. I had to do my mommy duty (yuck!) and pull it at the breakfast table. Joy.

But how stinkin' cute is it! :)

Oh, and if you don't think it is stinkin' cute, but rather yucky, I completely understand! I actually really don't like reading about or seeing other people's kids holes in their mouths.

It's a right of passage I don't think is cool. So I tried to not get too close up with the camera. ;) 


wholarmor said...

Haha! He's cute. My daughter just lost that same tooth last month, but it was the third tooth she lost. It's interesting how different kids are with their teeth! Congratulations!

helmet hair 365 said...

I used to love playing with my uncle-- we all did. How he wrestled six kids at once I'll never know, but he did it, lol.