Saying goodbye to good friends.

Leaving Chicago was surprisingly difficult. Not only did we love the city, but in just a short year we had made some wonderful friends, who we miss dearly already!

I went through my pictures today and wanted to share some of our goodbyes, and even though we were sad to go, we found lots of smiles and laughter. :)

Evan and George.

Evan, Kira, Michael and Andrew.

Patty, Me, Roni.

A., B., Kira, Rachel

Iris, Rosie, Kira and Kena.

Kira and Kena
Iris and Violet.
Torrey and Hope.

Evan, Kira, Rachel and Zachary.

Fred and Ruth.

Lori, Me, Evan.

We miss you all so much!!! (And those of you who hide from my camera too! :) )


**MIGNONNE** said...

Saying goodbye to friends is very hard to do. You are lucky to have found so many wonderful people to share your life with. Hopefully they will be friends you can keep in touch with and a good reason to go back for visits!