First day of School!

(Was last Monday, the 19th of July)

Anyway. I just found the cord to my other camera. (Yes I have two camera's)

So I was able to get these off of it, edited and on my blog! Yay! I'm back in action.

First off I try to get a sleeping picture right before I wake them on the first day. :)

This tradition generally amuses Kira and she wakes up happy as can be and gets ready to go.

Since his first year in preschool, this tradition has done nothing to amuse Evan and only makes him irritated at me very early in the morning.

I will likely never learn. Look for a post like this one in 8 years when he starts high school.

Next is the obligatory picture together in front of the tree in the front yard. Whatever tree will do. :)

How cute are my bespectacled children! ;) (I may be biased here, but I don't think I am)

Holy smokes. When did she get so dang tall?

Kira disappeared into the crowd as soon as possible, Evan was a little overwhelmed and lost in the sea of children. Twice the size as his kindergarten school.

Can you spot him?

They both declared it a good day, and have been doing great!

Glad to be back at our beloved *S*.


Chris Durnan said...

I think they are total cuteys!

love to see their happy smiles after school!

Marlene said...

See - I knew if I took pictures of you getting on the bus (should really post that on a blog, shouldn't I?) that it would rub off! At least I let you get up and dressed first!
Love that you just noticed she has gotten so tall!
And yes, they are adorable bespeckled! And I am not prejudice!