Science City, Kansas City, MO

The best part of our move home was our stop in Kansas City.

We took an extra day to spend it with my Aunt Chris, and my cousins Sean (spelled the wrong way) and Nick.

Aunt Chris took the whole day off and spent it with us, and she thought of the Science City at Union Station as a fun way to entertain my kids. She was right, it was right up their alley! And for the price! Ten bucks! After living in Chicago that was  a heck of a deal. (And lets not mention it was less than $10 to park too!)

We had a blast and spent a good part of our day just enjoying science.

First we met Aunt Chris at our hotel and she led the way. Good thing, because everywhere we turned the street was closed. We drove all around, into Kansas and back again. It was entertaining to say the least!

We saw some cool old buildings and so I took pictures out the windows.

We made it eventually! And the side tour was fun. :)

The ceiling was pretty cool, see Evan checking it out? 

Somehow I allowed myself to get talked into this! It was pretty fun, though a bit wobbly. It's probably not for someone who is afraid of heights, but there were a couple of times I tipped slightly and it makes you pretty nervous. :)

There was a dinosaur dig:

The Astronaut training center was a hit:

IBM servers make Shawn happy.

The Mister E. Hotel was full of optical illusions. We loved this take on M.C. Esher's artwork:

His art lined the halls of the "hotel", really great stuff!

Shawn and Kira were off on their own often too, here is what we found them doing a bit later:

Trying to build an archway. We failed. We need taller people in our family. Aunt Chris and I weren't much help. ;)
 But short stature does not preclude you from being wildly amused for a very long period of time at a turning table.

We must have done this for about thirty minutes. I actually got motion sick. Good times. But it was really a lot of fun to play around with this!

Being that we were here for that long I took a bunch of pictures, but somehow the adults don't look cute doing this like the kids. I didn't get a decent shot of Shawn or Aunt Chris. So I won't share them on the net. I hate paybacks.

Kira loved this, and Evan braved it.

We really enjoyed Science City and would recommend it to anyone who has a chance to check it out.


**MIGNONNE** said...

Welcome home! That museum looks so cool. I'm not sure about that bike thing though. Eeek! What a fun adventure this has been for your kids.