Hangin' with the nephews!

So I have to admit, that while I miss Chicago, I have had more fun reconnecting with Collin and getting to know Liam. I love my little nephews so much! 
Earlier this week we went shopping at Target and the Party store to get ready for Liam's first birthday! 
They were bored, so I found this ball stuffed in the towels and gave it to Liam. He started a game with Collin. :) It was very entertaining to me as an Aunt. I'm fairly certain I would have told *my* kids to stop it. 

Here is Liam explaining the rules to Collin. Something like "I will take this ball and throw it at your head and you will like it, and then you will fetch the ball and give it back to me. While you do this I will laugh hysterically."

At the Party store we found this. Collin did not find it amusing that I had my camera. Again. And that his dumb Aunts are so embarrassing in public and made him do this. :-P

Liam, on the other hand, is still delusional and thinks we are cool and fun. Plus he is in love with himself and wants as many pictures of him out there in the world as possible. 

Collin however is not embarrassed by his own 'good ideas' and wanted a picture of him in this party hat. 



Chris Durnan said...

Happy Baby! I have never seen a kiddo smile as much as Liam!

We will miss not being at the party.

nana mac said...

LIAM is such a HUNK here! Honestly- he grew up so FAST!! LOL!!! DARLING pics Heidi- as always!!!! I love your 'views'...and I love that you take them and share them here. is there a way to get Blogspot to publish these for you so you have your whole blog someday? I mean, honestly- this would make a great keepsake!
oh- and Kimmy looks great too!!

Live in a little uncertainty, Create a little dissonance said...

Love, Love Love!! I'm actually kind of happy you're back in Tuscon so I get all these great pics of my nephews and soon to be arriving niece. I love your blog!!