Moving to the desert in July. A job I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

No moving companies for us. No way. We like to offload the trailer by ourselves, in the heat.
It's how we roll.

Thankfully, Lawson came out to help, because this is a big job. No ramp. No UPS worker. One dolly (thank goodness my dad brought one out for us, because UPS delivered 71 boxes and forgot the dolly.

Ugh. And see my carpet? Gross!!!! It was newly steam cleaned and now has black nasty marks all over it from those boxes.


But then my mom and dad came out and helped relocate all the boxes to the rooms they belong, so that went much faster than it would have with me doing it alone.

And I would say we are about 70% unpacked. Because we are taking our time.

Did I mention we moved to the desert in July?

It's a tad on the warm side. ;)

Thanks Dad's and Mom for your help!