One on One with Collin!

Since I have two kids,  I rarely get time to just be the Aunt to my nephews. I always have to have all the kids in the mix, which is fun, but rarely conducive to getting to know a kid on a fun, one to one level.

Since my kids are in school year round, and Collin is not, I took advantage of that last Thursday and took him to lunch and bowling.

He was just a crack up and since we share a sense of humor, I was dying the whole time laughing at him.

When I picked him up we started to drive and I said, "What should we do for lunch?"  He replied "I want to eat at Eegees! You can go to the one right here." Yes. There is an Eegees in the same parking lot as Katie and Terry's office. Then he said "My mom never lets us drive here, we always have to walk."  (Thanks kid!) I said "Well we could've walked but you didn't tell me were just going right here until we were driving already" He just laughed.

We ordered our sandwiches and he talked me into Ranch Fries. (Okay, not that it was hard, he said "Can we get that" and I said "One order of ranch fries please" Twist my arm!)

While we waited for our food he shot his straw wrapper at me repeatedly. (Ok. So I shot mine back at him a few times too before it landed somewhere in the planter behind us and I couldn't find it)

Here he is reloading. ;)

Funny story about the Ranch Fries: While we were eating, he said "I don't know why I love these fries so much, but I do, and I love the brown crunchy things on top the most"  I said "Those are bacon bits" He looked at me with huge eyes and said "I LOVE BACON!!! I didn't know they put bacon on your french fries! No wonder they taste so good!"

When we got to the bowling alley, we had the place to ourselves. Eventually more people came, but for a while it was just the two of us and a whole bunch of empty lanes.

How cute is that!?

Thanks for a great time Collin! I love you buddy!


Marlene said...

LOL - isn't he fun?! We took him bowling too! those bumper pads made MY score look good! But I just barely beat him! I'm so glad you had so much fun!

Sha D said...

Apart from the obvious of being at CJ and Jenn's wedding, Colin was my favorite part of my time in Hawaii. He is so freakin' smart and funny and just downright intuitive. I'm jealous that you get to hang out with him!

Katie said...

Cute! He had so much fun :) I'm sure he loved getting to shoot his straw wrapper at you too, because I never let him do that LOL But I'm just the mean mommy!

Kelly said...

Bacon does make everything taste so kid :)